Ute Delegation, 1868


Triptych portraits of the Ute Delegation's visit to Washington, D.C. in 1868, photographed by the Mathew Brady Studio (1844-1894). Portrait includes eight Ute members and nine Indian agents, from left to right: Ankatosh, Piah (Ute chief, Grand River band), Suriap (Ute chief, Yampah band), Uriah M. Curtis (interpreter), George M. Chilcott (Colorado Territory congressional delegate), Sowwachwiche, Col. Albert Boone (grandson of Daniel Boone), Alexander C. Hunt (governor of Colorado Territory), Nicaagat (Ute chief, Yampah band), Hiram P. Bennett (first delegate to Congress from Colorado), Lafayette Head (Indian agent), Guero, Daniel Cheeseman Oaks (Indian Agent), Ouray (Chief), Edward H. Kellogg (Indian bureau employee), Severo (Chief of the Caputa), and William G. Godfrey.

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Date Created:

February 1868

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History Colorado

Place of Creation/Discovery:

Washington, D.C.


Mathew Brady Studio (Washington, D.C.). Ute Delegation, 1868. February 1868. Retrieved from the History Colorado, http://5008.sydneyplus.com/HistoryColorado_ArgusNet_Final/Portal/Portal.aspx?component=AAFW&record=B7BDBDCC-D2DD-4506-999E-00207FA862DF. (Accessed February 3, 2022.)


Mathew Brady Studio (Washington, D.C.)


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