Notable Colorado Women

Chipeta: Native American Rights Advocate and Diplomat

Chipeta, or White Singing Bird in the Ute language (1843 or 1844 – August 1924), was a Native American woman known for the courage and valor she demonstrated in her efforts to mediate peace between Native Americans and whites. Her diplomatic influence grew as she traveled with her husband Chief Ouray while he negotiated with whites and other Ute leaders for Ute lands. She was the only woman of her time invited to sit on the Ute Tribal Council. Chipeta and Chief Ouray led a delegation of Utes to Washington, DC to negotiate a treaty regarding reservation resettlement. Despite the ultimate removal of her people from their homelands, Chipeta committed her life's work to bettering conditions of the Ute people and used her influence to try to achieve peace with the white settlers.

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