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In life, we must make myriad decisions. Some are tricky because we don’t know where they will take us, but they could have a huge impact on your life, so anxiety and doubt ensues. However, these big and small decisions have together shaped who we are today, and through weighing priorities and accepting the consequences of our decisions, we developed our unique self. In the course of his twisting and turning adventures outside his comfort zone, artist Chan Chi-keung, Matthew has met people from all walks of life and listened to their stories. They all have one thing in common: the courage to accept and stand up for their decisions. The experiences of others have taught Matthew that what we need to learn is not about how to choose, but to listen to ourselves, follow our hearts and make decisions that we truly believe in. There is never a right or wrong choice. It is the ability to face them honestly and embrace the outcome that allows us to live freely.