Where’s Grandpa Ofu: Dr. X’s Plan

Dr. X, you may have the antidote

About “In-between”:

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is commemorating its 60th anniversary in 2022. To get into the spirit of this happy occasion, the exhibition echoes the HKMoA's 60th anniversary theme "Celebrating the Uncelebrated". It showcases well-known artists and some of their lesser-known works from four core collections ─ Chinese Antiquities, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, China Trade Art, and Modern and Hong Kong Art. While appreciating collections that are usually out of the spotlight, visitors can also learn about the 13 turning points in the artists' artistic careers, important research findings, specific milestones in the history of Chinese antiquities through the lens of technical breakthroughs, and the relationship between art collector's vision and art succession.


We are delighted to have local designer Choi Kim-hung as the Lead Artist of this exhibition, who will delve into the concept "Art is Practice" under the "In-Between" theme. Choi will work with seven other artists ─ Hamlet Auyeung, Chan Chi-keung, Matthew, Leung Tsz-fung, Benny, Lam Wang-chak, Daniel, Miss Bean, Ho Pui-shan, Saki and Mui Sze-wa, Sarah ─ to illustrate changes that they and others are experiencing now through the creative works of various art media. The goal is to reveal the unique space resulting from contradiction and struggle, and to discover the meanings and endless possibilities within.