Exploring Ways of Knowing

Resource Kit Overview

Archaeologists and Researchers use many types of evidence to learn about the past.

The activities in this resource kit explore continuity and change in the form and functions of pottery, language, and construction in past civilizations.

You will explore and learn about how individuals of different disciplines can work together to assemble evidence used to study past civilizations, and also examine the ways in which individuals of different disciplines may disagree or focus on different pieces of evidence leading to divergent interpretations of the past.

Tips for Using this Resource Kit:

  • The activities in this resource kit are designed to be completed in the order they are listed:
  • 1. How do we know about the past?

    2. Ways of Knowing Part 1 - Tree Rings

    3. Ways of Knowing Part 2 - Ancestors

    3. A tool: Applying Disciplinary Lenses

    4. Changing Language in China

    6. Pottery in China

  • Throughout these activities, students will be be directed to gather information on the included objects from reputable sources.
  • Each activity includes an Additional Resource section below it where students can find suitable sources to continue their investigations.
  • In addition, more information about each object is included in the Object Info tab located at the bottom right below each object, as pictured below.