Become a Wyoming Junior Paleontologist

How can you become a Wyoming Junior Paleontologist?

View of the UW Geological Museum from the inside

It’s easy and fun to become a Wyoming Junior Paleontologist at the University of Wyoming (UW) Geological Museum! We are part of the Department  of Geology and Geophysics and are located in the town of Laramie, Wyoming.

To become a Wyoming Junior Paleontologist we have a series of activities and 8 challenges for you to complete . Once you’ve completed the challenges, we have a swearing-in ceremony and certificate to make you an official Wyoming Junior Paleontologist.

 If you’d like to virtually visit the UW Geological Museum, check out this 360 degree tour of the museum on your computer, device, or 3D viewer here.

Part of becoming a Junior Paleontologist is understanding and respecting the natural world around Wyoming, the United States, and the world. One of the best ways to remember this is to remember  “D-I-G.

Challenge #1: Can you recite the important parts of “D-I-G” from memory? Give it a try!

Great job! Now you're ready to start, proceed on to the next activity!