The Development of Medieval Armor Over Time

The Armor Left Behind

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We can learn from looking at arms and armor objects from the past. There are a limited number of full sets of armor left from the past. Look at the slides of these armor pieces and watch the video about the Teuffenbach Field Armor (Higgins Armory Collection, 2014.80). The video and slides show that the Teuffenbach Field Armor is a unique artifact of the past.

Mail Coat

A very robust mail coat of high quality. Alternates riveted and punched links; heavy links on torso, lighter on sleeves and shirt. Brass links at collar and neck opening. Square cut slit front and back for riding, probably a Sudanic modification.

Egyptian/Ottoman, Persian, Mail Coat, 1500s, with later alterations, iron and brass, The John Woodman Higgins Armory Collection, 20014.9