Kaxdegoowu Héen Sháali (Montana Creek Fish Trap)

Design Your Own Trap


CHALLENGE: Design a Trap

Now it is your turn to build a trap of your own design.

Think back to the funnel fish trap and what made it successful…

·        It is easy to get inside but difficult to get out of a funnel trap.

How will you design your trap?

First, choose an object to trap such as a marble, dice, a small rock, a coin, etc.

Then, gather a variety of materials (if you haven’t already done so). You can reuse materials such as items you would normally recycle:

You may not need everything on this list and you may find other things you can use as well.

Things to consider

·        How heavy is the object you are trapping?

·        How much pressure will have to be applied to get the object into the trap?  How much pressure would have to be applied to get the object out?

 Make a plan   

Brainstorm ideas. Consider the materials you have gathered. How might you design a trap from these materials that will allow you to get your object inside easily and keep it trapped? If you are working with a team, discuss ideas together. Make a sketch of your idea before you begin to build.  In your sketch, label the parts and materials needed to create the trap. You might choose to sketch more than one trap design and then decide on one to build.

 Build your trap!

Use your sketch as a blueprint and build your trap. Try it out. Did it work?

Present your trap

Present your trap design and how well it worked.

·        Explain the characteristics of the object you choose to trap (size, weight, etc)   

·        Explain the materials you used to design their trap.    

·        Demonstrate whether or not the trap worked.  

·        Describe the process you went through. Did it work on the first try?   If not, what modifications were made?   Were you able to get it to work at all? If not, why do you think the trap was not successful? 

·        After experiencing making a trap, describe what things the Tlingit people considered when designing a salmon trap.