Miami's First Colored Only Beach

Changing of the Guard: From County to City and the shut down of Virginia Key Beach

The Historic Carousel during the period the beach was closed

The remains of the original carousel after being stripped clean

In 1979, Ownership of the beach changed from Miami-Dade County to the City of Miami. Three years later in 1982, Virginia Key Beach would go on and become closed to the public due to a lack of maintenance and disrepair. Despite the closure, Virginia Key Beach was utilized by the City of Miami for large scale events and police training exercises. Looters would frequent the beach to sell off anything they could find. For example, the original carousel and mini train were lost to time.

This didn't stop Miami's community as they would still use the beach as a place to recreate. The area became a popular spot in the 1980’s due to the “Splashdown” beach parties that occurred every weekend. Local radio DJ’s like Uncle Al and Luther Campbell and the 2 Live Crew would provide music for these community beach events.