Frogs in 3-D

Making Sense of Morphologies and Adaptations

Meet Mara Laslo, a scientist who studies frog diversity. In the video below, she introduces you to some amazing frogs from around the world. Look for features that are similar to the frog you sketched.

In the video, Mara gives a simple explanation of how evolution through natural selection can cause a shift in the features common within a population of frogs. As you listen, take note of the key components of evolution and how the frog population changes..

Frog Diversity and Natural Selection Mara Laslo, a researcher in the Herpetology Department, describes frog diversity, adaptation, and natural selection. (7 min.)

Use your claim about the type of environment your frog lives in and the key components of evolution to propose an explanation of how your frog was shaped by natural selection.

This model of evolution that you are creating should reflect variation, inheritance, selection, and time and show how each is important to the evolution of your frog.