Collections Hub

The Collections Hub is a place educators and students can browse and search through all of the objects provided by our participating museums and create collections to share with each other. To make your collections manageable across devices and publicly searchable please create an account.

  • You do not need an account to use the Collections Hub. However, if you create a collection without logging into the MDL site, you will only be able to edit that collection on the device with which it was created.
  • If you already have an account, you can access collections you have made through the “Your Collections” dropdown below.
  • Once you create a collection, you can share it with others to use these museum objects in a creative way.
Some ideas for inspiration:
  • Educators can share collections to different classrooms to combine lessons or activities.
  • Ask students to choose an object and write a short essay about why it interests them.
  • Create a virtual museum in your classroom. Assign small groups of students collections of objects to research. After learning about the objects in their collection, have them write labels for each object and interpret their collection by creating a text panel and/or media piece (e.g. a video) that describes the relationship between the objects and the wider world.
  • Ask students to use a collection for design inspiration to create artwork, short stories, or other creative assignments.

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