Ration Ticket Pouch


This is a beaded leather pouch made from commercially-tanned leather and buckskin. The flap is sewn on separate. The front is fully beaded in blue and red opaque beads. The sides have two bands of yellow transparent beads. And the back is bordered in the blue and yellow beads. The beads are sewn on using lazy stitch.

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Collected by Charles S. Stobie. Charles Stobie came to Colorado in the summer of 1865 at the age of 20. As a young man, he lived with Nevava’s band of Uncompahgre (Northern) Utes. Later he became a scout for Major Jacob Downing and Major D.C. Oakes. Accompanying Oakes, Stobie helped establish the White River Indian Agency in northwestern Colorado. He also maintained an artist’s studio in Denver for many years, later moving to Chicago.




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