In Touch with Hong Kong Artists: Mui Chong-ki

Resource Kit Overview

In today’s information age, printed materials are the most common way to deliver information, and the printing quality of newspapers, magazines, books, etc. has been greatly enhanced. As one of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China, printing has evolved from traditional monochrome woodblock printing to polychrome printing, allowing a rainbow of colours on printed products. Mui Chong-ki inherited the art of traditional Chinese woodblock printing, creating water-based woodblock prints with a taste of watercolour paintings.

This resource kit aims to introduce the principles and techniques of woodblock printing through appreciating the creativity and style of Mui’s works. It also allows students to create their own polychrome prints with the use of two blocks.

  • Artist Introduction
  • Video Viewing and appreciation
  • Principles and procedure of woodblock printing
  • Your Art-making Activity: Woodblock painting