In Touch with Hong Kong Artists: Van Lau

Resource Kit Overview

In the Chinese art tradition, sculpture was often seen as a form of religious art or folk art. It was rarely regarded as a pure artistic medium. In the twentieth century, however, there was more cultural exchange between the East and the West. Western culture inspired and influenced Chinese paintings more than Chinese sculptures. The 1960s and 1970s was an era of change for art in Hong Kong. Since sculpture was less bound by tradition, it provided more room for innovation. Van uses the form of bamboo to express the pride and virtue of literati. He also uses it to present pure visual elements, such as lines, convergence and divergence, and structure.

This resource kit aims to introduce Van’s sculpture and provide opportunity to learn from Van’s creative approach and experience the process of creating a sculpture using similar methods.

  • Artist Introduction
  • Video Viewing and appreciation
  • Introduction to Art-making Process in Sculpture
  • The Creation Process
  • Demonstration of creating a bamboo leaf sculpture
  • Your Art-making Activity: Trial Model of a Sculpture