Understanding the Past

Applying Disciplinary Lenses to Objects

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In this activity, learn about five disciplinary lenses and how they can be applied to explore the question of how form relates to function in the objects you observe throughout this kit. Click on the Object Information and use the links below in Additional Resources research and find answers to these disciplinary questions!

Economist Lens

Practice applying the disciplinary lens of an Economist on this object. 

Economists study the production, consumption and transfer of goods and services within and across social systems. 

What materials is this made of?

Where did the materials come from?

What was the exchange value of this object?

How was this used?

What other objects are related to this object?

What role did this object have in exchange?

How/where/by whom was it traded?

What was the demand for this object?

What role did rulers or leaders play in the production, consumption, or transfer of this object?