Frogs in 3-D

Project Overview

hand painting 3-d printed frog

Lesson Summary: This lesson is intended to explore different frog morphologies and adaptations, and ultimately to explain how the process of natural selection has led to the various species and morphologies that we see on Earth today. During the lesson, students will examine 3D printed frogs or frog models online, and through videos, “meet” Harvard Scientist Dr. Mara Laslo, who provides content on frog diversity, morphology and development. Students will start by learning how different morphologies serve as adaptations that allow frogs to meet the demands of their environments, and then go backwards in time to create models to explain how natural selection has led to the various morphologies we see among frogs today.

Materials for this activity were developed with support from a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (MA-10-18-0311-18).