Drawing, pen and ink, Mexican Land Grants


In the middleground is probably an official astride a horse, he is wearing a suit white shirt and tie. Long hair, goatee, hat with brim. Two other horses are on his right side, Grass, rocks, flowers, trees, hills in the distance are around the area. To the left are two Mexican men , one is throwing rocks the other is kneeling pulling grass, which was the custom when an official rode with the grantees out the the land, orally granted them the land and then the grantees pulled grass and threw stones wishing long life to the Sovereignty of The Mexican Nation. In the third line of the text is a strip of cardboard with "Colorado" glued over perhaps a correctio;ns. The last paragraph has a strip of cardboard glued over another correction. *In pencil bottom right margin: "49 1/4"\ *In pencil on back: "29/ 23/ Colorado Sketchbook/ 3 wl X 4 1/2' unsure of word / Empire Monday Cit 1245/5

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Estimated, 1963-1964

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Paul Busch


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