Colorado Borderlands

The Borderlands are an ancient crossroads. They have a violent history of conquest and enslavement, but also traditions of beauty and diversity. They are a place where Indigenous cultures blend with Spanish, Mexican, and American traditions to create a unique identity unlike any other in the world. This identity lives within the people of the Borderlands, and it goes with them wherever they move. And Borderlands people don’t stay still. By choice, by force, or by necessity, they have moved around a lot. They are mobile people who have lived beyond boundaries and between languages. They are people who live "sin fronteras" - without borders. Welcome to the Borderlands of Southern Colorado. Think about the following questions; 1. What factors impact the way that different cultural groups interact with one another? Do these change over time? 2. What impact does war have on public policy? 3. What are the lasting impacts of war on the people and their perspectives?