Arts, Crafts, Tools, and Symbols: Learn with The Museum of Russian Art

Learn about the culture and history of Russian people of the past by analyzing artwork, crafts, tools, and other regional artifacts. Take a virtual gallery tour of The Museum of Russian Art's exhibition, "Peasant Women of the Russian North: Heritage of a Culture Lost." Then, look closely at objects from the exhibition to consider what they can teach us about the people who made and used them. This exhibition showcases items from the Russian North in the 19th and early 20th centuries prior to the Soviet government's establishment of collective farms that largely destroyed traditional Russian peasant culture. The richly decorated objects, including textiles, work tools, and furniture, represent traditional, sustainable production techniques and show designs and symbols with origins tracing back over a thousand years. Through an appreciation of the artistry of the past, we can come to understand a complex culture while also making connections to our own daily lives.