Resource Kits

Resource Kits are digitized objects arranged into activities and organized by theme. Searchable by grade, subject, media, and museum, these resource kits are carefully curated by museum professionals using the objects in their collections so your students are able to engage with primary sources!

What is a Resource Kit?


Resource kits are activities grouped together by theme. They come with educator materials, student resources, and national standards.


Activities are created with museum objects and their supporting materials. There are five different types of activities:

  • Narrative

    Essays with supplemental images, video, audio, and 3d objects.

  • Hotspot

    Images with clickable icons showing detailed information.

  • Slideshow

    A gallery of images or videos with captions.

  • Annotation

    Images users can comment on and download.

  • Timeline

    Images, text, video, audio illustrating historical events over a length of time.

  • Escape Room game

    Solve puzzles and riddles to escape several unique spaces.

  • Apples to Oranges game

    A multiplayer game where players create associations between objects.


Digitized museum objects are the base of content on MDL. Each object comes with its details, one or more images, and can have text, videos, audio recordings, etc., associated with them. The images can be single images, deep zoom images, multiple images of different views, or 360° views.
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